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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Who is it for?
Also known as otoplasty, ear surgery can reshape, reposition, and re-proportion the ears for an enhanced cosmetic appearance. Otoplasty can also correct misshapen ears caused by genetics or injury. Ear surgery is commonly performed on children, but can be performed on adults as well. If the size, shape, or placement of your ears makes you self-conscious or causes you discomfort, you may want to consider otoplasty. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and would like to learn more about ear surgery for yourself or your child, contact Dr. Nguyen’s Arlington office at (817) 468-7000.

How does it work?
Dr. Nguyen will place the incisions on the back of the ear or in the folds of the front of the ear to make them inconspicuous. He will then remove or reshape the ears’ cartilage, making sure to work towards a symmetrical result. He will add permanent internal sutures to hold the ear cartilage in its new position, and close the incisions with external stitches.

What happens after the procedure?
Children who have undergone otoplasty can usually return to school within a week, and adults may return to work after five days. Bandages and light head dressing are worn after the procedure to protect the results, and Dr. Nguyen will remove the external stitches within one week of the surgery.






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